Competition Masterplan Scheme
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Designing for a contemporary Riyadh, with a strong sense of community and a unique identity.


Masterplanning, Architecture


We responded to a design competition proposing an extension to the city of Riyadh. The site would house 150,000 units, increasing the population of the city by approx 750,000, and would be made up of a vast mix of residential typologies, commercial space, hospitality, retail / f+b, social & technical infrastructure and an extensive transportation network.


Our proposed masterplan was based on an understanding that the very best human settlements balance the cultural, socio-economic, and environmental needs of a place and its people. Our aim was to create a district that functioned as more than just a self-sufficient enclave; it would be somewhere well-connected to the surrounding areas, bringing added value to the surrounding city fabric and celebrating a strong sense of community and unique identity. The history of Riyadh’s city structure and the common street networks found in Al Diriyah served as a reference point for our plan for a neighbourhood structure called the ?Riyadh Rose’. This included a modular neighbourhood made up of 1,000 units (5,000 inhabitants) alongside a core of community amenities, which could be used across the entire scheme, taking on differing forms and land use mixes, whilst ensuring the overall design was steeped in the heritage and history of this unique city.


Shortlisted submission.

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